The Pirate – HJSD Newsletter January 2021


HJSD Parents,

First, I’d like to wish you and your families the very best in 2021. I also want to thank all of you for your support and follow-thru regarding your child’s education. We know the two most critical factors for student success are regular attendance and the parents’ level of involvement.

With that in mind, our 1st semester will come to a close on January 14, 2021. Report cards will be sent home no later than Thursday January 21, 2021. Be sure to check with your child during the week of January 18-21, 2021. If teachers have any concerns or suggestions in order for all students to be successful, they will reach out, via phone call, email, or a face to face meeting. Furthermore, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the teacher, Mr. Wadsworth or myself.

Please note, we are offering an after school tutoring/enrichment program every other Wednesday from 3:45-4:45 pm. This will include a fifteen minute break with snacks, 45 minutes of intense intervention or enrichment, and transportation.

Dates thru spring break include: Jan. 6, 20; Feb. 3, 17; Mar. 3, 17.

Parents, feel free to join us for our kick-off on January 28, 2021 for our “Battle of the Books” and Math-a-thon Fundraiser.

Once again, our supplemental levy is up again in March 2021. The good news is the board approved a reduction of $50,000 from the previous supplemental levy. This is a result of building our reserve, increased enrollment with the addition of our distance learning option, along with the Covid-19 relief funds.

Parents, our next Continuous Improvement Plan meeting is scheduled for Feb. 1, 2021 beginning 4:00 pm in Dr. Easterday’s classroom.

Lastly, I want to express my appreciation for Steve Smith, Head Maintenance who is retiring at the end of January 2021. Parents, thanks again for your support and trust in the Hagerman Joint School District. We are confident that all students will be successful if we work together as a team, build their self-esteem, and instill the ARRGH virtues that drive our purpose to produce Academic Achievers, Clear Communicators, Responsible Citizens, and Quality Producers. Our climate is a result of the virtues we instill with all Hagerman Pirate students, ARRGH!

A – Positive Attitude
R – Respect
R – Responsible
G – Gratitude
H – Honest

Our December ARRGH students of the month include:

Virtue: K-3 4-6

Attitude Emma Alvarez 1 Corbin Miller 5
Respect Clover McCrorey 2 Elias Castillo 6
Responsibility Jezabelle Ortiz Wells 2 Mahala Hall 5
Gratitude Jose Mendez-Mendez 3 Raul Nieto 4
Honesty Rikelle Thomson Kdg. Tamara Faulkner 6

Certified/Classified Employees of the month:
Certified: Matt Cottam HS Teacher/Tech
Classified: Steve Smith HJSD Maintenance

Important Dates:
Jan. 4, 2021 School resumes
Jan. 11, 2021 Board Mtg.
Jan. 14, 2021 End of 2nd Qtr.
Jan. 15, 2021 Prof. Development 8-4:15 pm
Jan. 20, 2021 After school tutoring/Enrichment
Jan. 28, 2021 Kick-off assembly – Battle of the Books; Math-a-thon Fundraiser

Dr. Jim R. Brown, Ed.D.

MISSION: To provide a safe, secure environment and quality educational opportunities which prepare our students for a life of learning and achievement.

VISION: Hagerman School District will be a vibrant, nurturing community where all students have pride in their scholastic achievement and are productive, involved citizens of society, with the tools to reach their dreams.


Happy New Year!



  • 2 spectators per participating athletes.
  • ALL spectators must sit on the blue X in the bleachers. (12 foot distance).
  • After the JV game, all spectators must leave the gym for the bleachers to be cleaned. JV spectators must leave (unless their athlete plays on varsity).
  • JV players can stay and watch the varsity, but must sit behind the team bench.

NEW GYM (due to space limitation their are different rules)

  • 1 spectator per participating athlete.
  • ALL spectators must sit on a blue X.
  • Spectators must leave the gym after each game for the bleachers to be cleaned.
  • JH players can watch their respective team, but must sit behind the bench.

This message is to wish every one in our community a Happy New Year.

I wanted to give a shout-out to Leeland Johnson and thank him for all of his help and volunteer work he has done for the high school/junior high and HJSD.

Starting out this Spring Semester I have challenged our students to increase their learning percentage in class. So many times I hear a student say that “D is passing”. When we talk percentages, a D indicates that a student only understands 60% of the subject material. A student who earns a D grade is passing, but isn’t prepared for success to move on to the next scaffolding subject. For example, a student who has earned a D in Algebra will very unlikely be successful in the next math class because they were only able to retain 60% of the information. This is proven. Most students who transition in a core subject that has required scaffolding will struggle if they are only retaining 60% of the information. According to Great Schools Partnership, this is what each grade percentage indicates:

A——-Exceeds proficiency—90-100%
C——-Partially Proficient——70-79%
D——-Insufficient Evidence–60-69%

As you can see, students who proclaim that a “D is passing” lack the preparation. There is not enough evidence to prove that a student is prepared intellectually to move on to the next subject if they are not at least showing partially proficiency at 70%. For this Spring semester, we are encouraging our students to not focus on the letter grade, but to know that their goal in each class is a 70% retention rate in order to suggest they are intellectually ready to be successful for their next scaffolding class.

Here is a student that has retained the following in their classes:

60% in math
61% in reading/language arts
65% in AG
62% in Food Science
60% in science

Does this students level of comprehension indicate that they are going to be successful at the next subject level? Students are setting themselves for failure if their comprehension level of the subject is not evident.

At HHS/JH we are collecting data and assessing how below a 70% retention rate is affecting the success of our students. If students are not showing a partial proficiency rating, they will be recommended to take part in remediation of that subject during breakfast, lunch, and after school tutoring for their future success. We want our students to take an initiative, as our teachers are, to prepare our students.


Students 9-12 grade who need to recover credit for graduation, or who are in 6-8 grade that failed a core class, summer school will begin in June 2021. Classes will be 4 days per week and 3 hours per day. This will be a great opportunity for students to recover credit as a 9-12th grader and to show they are proficient as a 6-8 grader. For more information, contact Dr. Brown or Mr. Wadsworth.


Tues…….Jan 5……..JV BBall @ Bliss 6 PM
Wed……..Jan 6……..JH BBall vs Camas 4 PM
……………………………Tutoring 4-4:45 PM
Thurs……Jan 7……..CSI visiting
Fri………..Jan 8……..HS V BBALL vs TFCS 6:30 PM
Sat……….Jan 9…….HS JV/V BBALL vs Hansen 1/2:30 PM
Mon……..Jan 11……JH BBB vs Wendell (2 games)
Tues……..Jan 12…….HS JV/V BBALL vs Camas 6/7:30 PM
Wed………Jan 13…….JH BBB/GBB vs Bliss (1 game each)
Thurs…….Jan 14…….HS JV/V BBall @ Carey 6/7:30 PM
Sat………..Jan 16…….HS JV/V BBall vs Murtaugh 4:30/6 PM
Tues………Jan 19……HS JV/V BBall @ Hansen 6/7:30 PM
Wed………Jan 20…….JH GBB/BBB @ Richfield 2 PM
Thurs…….Jan 21…….HS JV/V BBall vs Castleford 6/7:30 PM
Fri…………Jan 22…….HS JV BBall @ Oakley 4:30 PM
Sat………..Jan 23…….JH BBall Tournament
Mon………Jan 25…….JH BBB @ Oakley 4 PM
Tues……..Jan 26……..HS JV/V BBall @ Richfield 6/7:30 PM
Thurs…….Jan 28…….HS JV/V vs Community 5/6:00 PM

Certified Employee of the Month
Matt Cottam

Classified Employee of the Month
Steve Smith

Pirate Pride

Morgan Hillier—–8th grade—For being honest with Mrs. Wise when the vending machine gave her two drinks on accident.
Keaton Brewer—-9th grade—For helping Dr. Easterday carry lunches.
Jackson Wood—-9th grade—For helping Dr. Easterday carry lunches.
Skylar Miller——-9th grade—-For working so hard to try and get caught up—ALL your teachers
Mason Colter—–10th grade—Cleaning up the weight room for Coach Strong.

HHS/JH would like to thank all these students for trying to make a difference at our school. Pirate Pride=Citizenship

HIGH SCHOOL GYM USE (Prince and School Gym)

ATTENTION COMMUNITY MEMBERS:There is an increase in the interest in using the gyms at the high school, which administration thinks is awesome. Due to this increase of interest, administration is working with the School Board to come up with a more efficient way to have the gyms used in a safe and fair manner for all.

We recognize that we are the only gyms in town and that we want all our local adults, young adults, and youth to be able to take advantage of our gyms. Until we get our agenda finalized the following will be in place:


If you have any questions please contact Mr. Wadsworth or Dr. Brown. Thank you.

Hagerman Youth Basketball

The Hagerman Youth Basketball played Murtaugh this week and had some success. On Saturday the 6th grade girls beat Murtaugh 6-36 with Alyssa Cottam scoring 16 points Piper scored 4, Takoda scored 7, Ellie scored 5, Riley 2.The 4th and 5th grade girls had a hard fought battle and came up a little short losing to Murtaugh 4-8.