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2022 Game Schedule

Day Date Opponent Time Place
Monday August 18 Jamboree Wendell 6 PM Away
Monday August 29 TFCA 5/6 PM Home
Tuesday August 30 Shoshone 6/7 PM Home
Wednesday September 8 Lighthouse 6/7 PM Home
Thursday September 9 @ Jackpot 5/6 PM Away
Thursday September 16-17 Mt. View Tournament (Varsity Only) TBD Away
Wednesday September 19 @ ISDB (JV Only) 5 pm Away
Tuesday September 22 @ Richfield 6/7 PM Away
Thursday September 27 @ Dietrich 6/7 PM Away
Fri - Sat September 29 Camas 6/7 PM Home
Tuesday October 3 ISDB (JV Only) 5 PM Home
Thursday October 4 Richfield 6/7 PM Home
Friday October 6 @ Camas 6/7 PM Away
Tuesday October 11 Dietrich 6/7 PM Home
Thursday October 13 Jackpot (senior night) 6/7 PM Home
Tuesday October 15-22 Districts TBD TBD
Thursday October 28-29 State TBD Madison High
Tuesday November 1 Senior All-Star Game

Physical Exam & Consent Form

This PDF is the Idaho High School Athletics Association Health Examination and Consent form. This includes Medical History, Consent from a Parent or Guardian, and the Physical Examination form to be filled out by a physician.
Download the Physical Exam Form

Extra-Curricular Activities Code

The philosophy of the extra-curricular programs at Hagerman High School is to
provide a positive atmosphere for our students while teaching them to work with others
as a team and to teach our young people how to be ladies and gentlemen in and out of the
arena of competition.

Download the Handbook

Parent Communication Guidelines & Expectations

Because of the high profile nature of competitive athletics, the coaches, players, and parents/guardians often have an emotional investment that can turn what should be a positive experience into a negative one when misunderstandings occur. This guideline has been created to clarify the expectations for communication between coach, parent, and player. It also outlines a complaint process if a problem develops.
Download & Sign the Guidelines

RegisterMyAthlete.com for Parents

Register My Athlete makes the registration process easy and fast so that parents can focus on their athletes can focus on playing, not doing paperwork.
Download the Instructions

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