Agriculture Science at Hagerman High

What Ag Science is About

This is where the world of science combines with the practical applications of productions.  We believe in developing hands-on real-world experiences for our students to learn by doing! 

Natural Resources

AAFS has an extensive Natural Resource program.  It is integrated into the beginning classes in Units.  Then as they reach Highschool students have the opportunity to take 3 dual credit courses from CSI.  Starting with the principles of range management AGRI 203, then wildland plant identification AGRI 201, and (GIS) Geographic Information System AGRI 126 which consists of learning the program to build maps.  Hagerman FFA is very competitive in the Range and Environmental Natural Resource Career Development Events.

Here, Mr. Knapp instructs students on Mountain Goat Habitat and Management.

Mr. Knapp instructing students on Mountain Goat Habitat and Management.


AAFS Horticulture program is based around the annual Mothers Day Plant Soiree.  The horticulture program is designed to cover plant science, horticulture, floriculture design, and business management in a practical hands-on approach to a real-world business opportunity.  The students plant seeds, transplant plugs, advertise, market, apply for jobs, artistically design container crops.  This class receives help from the University of Idaho Master Gardeners and community volunteers who help in culturing the plants and designing the baskets. Hagerman FFA will compete in the Landscape Career Development Event.
Students planting seeds as part of a program aimed to teach horticulture and its applications.

Welding & Metal Fabrication

AAFS teaches beginning welding, advanced welding, and metal fabrication.  Recently we purchased an ARCLight CNC Plasma cutter and it has elevated our drafting and design component significantly.

Students can now design and sell custom art and signs.

Two students holding items they cut during Metal Fabrication class.

Animal Science

Animal Science is integrated into the beginning classes and then taught as a CSI dual credit course AGRI 109.  Hagerman FFA competes in the Livestock Judging, Dairy Judging, Meats, and the Horse Judging CDE. We put a lot of effort into livestock judging as it has scholarship opportunities when students graduate.  We have sent several students to college on livestock judging scholarships.

Hagerman FFA also puts a strong emphasis on County Fair Participation and has students show and sell all the market species. Additionally, we attend the annual Spring Cove Ranch Bull Sale to learn about EPD's, Livestock Judging, and Marketing.

Students in front of a sign for Spring Cove Ranch, where they learn about livestock judging and marketing.


Leadership is integrated throughout the whole curriculum.  AAFS integrates public speaking and leadership in the following Leadership Development Events; Creed, Conduct of Chapter Meetings, Parliamentary Procedure, Sales, Public speaking, Extemporaneous speaking, and public speaking are also covered in the livestock judging CDE.

Former Hagerman FFA President and the current University of Idaho graduate student Daniel Lauritzen teaching current Hagerman FFA members about plant identification and soil texturing.

Former Hagerman FFA President teaching current FFA members about plant identification and soil texturing.


AAFS has partnered with the University of Idaho Hagerman Fish Culture Experiment Station to set up a 9 tank recirculating system for the rearing of cold water species.  We use this to set up Agriscience Research projects for the Science Fair CDE.

Here a student holds freshwater lingcod from a research project in the Aquaculture lab.

AAFS student holding a lingcod from a research project in the Aquaculture lab.

Science Fair

AAFS partners with the Hagerman Jr./Sr. High School Science department and University of Idaho Gooding County Extension to put on a community science fair.  We have won many state awards and last year won 3 gold awards at the National FFA Agriscience Fair.

Danica Knapp and Saree Hillstead placed 3rd in the nation in the Agriscience Fair. Here they were on a National web stream receiving their award while thousands watch.

Two students receiving an award in the National Agriscience Fair.