Hagerman Joint School District Strategic Plan

Idaho State Department of Education’s State Code 33-320 requires each school district in Idaho to develop an annual plan that is part of a continuous focus on improving student performance.  

Hagerman Joint School District’s Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP) Committee was assembled to develop and maintain a 5-year plan that focuses on improving the overall student performance of the district.  Improvement areas include academic, physical, mental and social aspects.  Focus areas include clearly articulated goals, action plans for achieving each goal, and key indicators for monitoring their success.

The CIP Plan is being updated in 2021 by an involved committee with representatives from the community, school board, and HJSD staff.  Committee members include: Brian Moore, Bryan Whitmarsh, Cassie Mavencamp, Charles Rice, Chelsea Johnson, Ellen Jadwin, Haley Henslee, Jaren Wadsworth, Jim Brown, Jolinda Solosabal, Matt Cottam, Ray Hoffmann, Sheena Hoskovec, Sherma Daarud, Tess Jones and Troy Easterday.


To provide a safe, secure environment and quality education opportunities, which prepare our students for a life of learning and achievement.


Hagerman School District will be a vibrant, nurturing community where all students have pride in their scholastic achievement and are productive, involved citizens of society, with the tools to reach their dreams.

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Improvement Plan