Community Service Projects in Hagerman

Why We Serve Hagerman

AAFS is committed to serving the community of Hagerman and looks for ways to incorporate service-learning into the curriculum. Currently we have the following service projects:

Ag Safety Day

Every 3 years AAFS hosts a safety Day in conjunction with Safe Kids Magic Valley and St. Lukes. Here, Officer Cornett helps hand out bike helmets to all Hagerman Elementary students.

Children participating in the safety day in conjunction with Safe Kids Magic Valley and St. Lukes.

Plant the Town

AAFS hosts an annual plant the town day before labor day in which we plant all of the planters in town in front of the library, city hall, senior center, pocket park, veteran memorial, and are willing to help any local non profit.
Students participating in the annual Plant the Town event before Labor Day.

Community Garden

AAFS organizes and plants the community garden and uses it as a lab for the Horticulture class.  Hagerman Helping Hands partners with us in the food distribution and management.  Last year an estimated 4000lbs of produce was raised for the Hagerman Community.
Students participating in a community garden.

Helping Hands

AAFS donates labor and construction help to the local food bank.

Students donating time to help out the local food bank.

Veteran's Day

AAFS fabricated in the shop the salute flag and handed out to local veterans during our veterans day parade.

Metal Signs

AAFS has cut out many metal signs and donated them to the Hagerman School District.
Students holding a sign that was cut out during a Metal Shop class.

Homecoming BBQ

AAFS hosts the homecoming BBQ feeding all of the students for free. This is Mr. Knapp showing off the brisket for the big event!
Mr. Knapp showing off brisket for homecoming.